1. Do you customise the paintings according to our requirement?
  2. Yes, we like to create & customise paintings according to your liking. Kindly mail your requirement with a reference picture & desired size.

  3. How long would it take to complete the ordered painting?
  4. Time required to make a customised painting depends on the subject & size of the painting.It may vary between 2 to 5 weeks. Time required will be intimated the at time of accepting the order.

  5. Are the paintings hand-made & are they of good quality?
  6. Yes, all the paintings are hand-made & are of good quality. We take outmost care to ensure that all the materials used are of best quality.

  7. Will we get the paintings similar to the ones which are displayed on the website?
  8. Yes, you will get the paintings similar to the ones on the website. Slight variations might be there
    as they are hand-painted. Every painting will have its own uniqueness when done creatively.

  9. Do you accept credit & debit cards at your store?
  10. Yes, we accept all major credit cards such as Visa & MasterCard.

  11. Can we order the painting & ask you to send it to a different city or countryas gift to a relative or friend?
  12. Yes, you can do that. We do send paintings this way all over the world.
    Billing will be done in your name & address & the painting will be shipped to the person whom
    you want to gift it to.

  13. How are the paintings packed ?
  14. We pack the paintings in corrugated boxes or wooden boxes.

  15. What will be the shipping charges?
  16. Shipping charges depends on the size & weight of the parcel. It also depends on the destination.
    For international shipments, we use DHL, FEDEX or UPS.

  17. Does the price mentioned on the website include framing?
  18. For tanjore painting, painting on canvas panel board, marble painting, tribal art, framing is
    included.For painting on stretched canvas, the canvas is stretched on a wooden frame behind the painting
    and stapled, which is considered as its frame. This type of painting will not have a frame on the
    front side.