Canvas Painting, as very clear with the name itself, is a painting done on canvas. Canvas can be mounted in different ways, such as:
Canvas cloth. (can be rolled and transported easily)
Stretched canvas (canvas cloth stretched and nailed on to a wooden frame through out the edges).
Canvas panel board (canvas cloth pasted on a board).

In this variety of painting there is no board preparation. The sketch is directly done on to the canvas.
The colours can be that of one’s choice:
Oil colours can be used. Oil tubes of various hues are used. The colours are oil based and linseed oil is used for this purpose. Some artists use turpentine also. These colours take a while to dry and hence have to be kept in a dust free atmosphere until they are completely dry.

Nowadays acrylic colours are also used for this type of painting. These colours dry faster and look equally good.In Chitrakalaa Arts & Crafts, one can find ready canvas paintings of floral, abstracts, sceneries, etc., We also accept customized work for the same.

Framing can be done for these paintings with or without glass. Synthetic frames of various designs and colours are available. Frame enhances the look of a painting. So, care has to be taken while choosing the right kind of frame. The thickness of the frame should be selected according to size of the painting.

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