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Marble painting is a traditional art of India. Marble painting, is done on a thin tile of marble. The surface has to be very smooth, so as to achieve better finishing. In this painting, pure gold leaves are used to add to the richness of the art work. Relief work is done on the places where ever gold leaves have to be pasted.

A very thin marble tile is selected for this type of work, so that, it is not heavy. A sketch is first drawn on to the marble tile. In the portions where gold work is required, fine relief work is done. The relief work is very thin and intricate. This has to dry completely. The gold leaves are then pasted on the relief work. Care has to be taken while pasting the gold leaves, as the leaves may loose their luster due to glue coming over them.

After the gold leaves are pasted, the remaining portions are coloured. The background is usually not coloured. This is because, having the colour of the natural stone as the background, enhances the main object, for example a piece of jewellery. There are various designs that could be selected for this type of art work. It can be a musical instrument, or a bird, or a lady etc. Once the gold leaves are pasted, it is allowed to dry.

After which, intricate designs are drawn on the gold relief work. Beads of various colours and shapes are then stuck with glue over the gold relief work. This adds to the grandness of the painting.This art work has to be framed with glass. These paintings can be put up as a series on the wall. Various patterns can be made with different sizes and shapes of these paintings on the wall. Marble paintings are also ideal for gifting.

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